Step by Step Paraphrasing Guide to Improve Your Dissertation

In academics, you often need to present the ideas of other authors and write my essay in your own dissertation, to make your own thesis stronger. You can not simply copy-paste the work of other researchers due to copyrights. Paraphrasing, naturally, becomes a necessity in such a situation. 





What is paraphrasing, really?

The term paraphrasing means presenting someone else’s ideas in your own words. One thing to remember here is that you must be very careful when paraphrasing the original content. The paraphrased text must present the same meaning as the meaning of the original one. Otherwise, your dissertation will present a different look. Better paraphrasing skills can improve the overall presentation of your write essay for me. If you do not know much about paraphrasing, this article will guide you step by step on how to paraphrase the original content. 


Understand the Meaning of the Original Text:

Paraphrasing means to present the work of others in your own words. To do this, you must know the exact idea of original work. The first step of paraphrasing is to understand the meaning of the original text. You should read the original text again and again until you fully understand its meaning.


Highlight the Key Ideas:

If it is difficult for you to understand the exact meaning of the original text, you should write down the key ideas and concepts of the content that you are required to paraphrase. This will improve your understanding of the original work and you will not miss any important points. Here is a soft reminder for you that your dissertation is one of the major steps for your academic career. 

The quality of your dissertation is worth more than your academic grades, as you may need to present it on various occasions in your professional life. You must be very conscious about the quality of your dissertation. If you find any difficulty during your project, you can take the help of professional services who can help you with all your “write my paper” needs. A professional writer can help you to organize and make your dissertation better. You also can improve your writing and paraphrasing skills by getting guidelines from a professional and more experienced person. 


Write Down the Key Ideas in Your Own Words: 

The next step of paraphrasing is to write down the main ideas and themes of the original text in your own words. You should avoid using words from the original content while writing your own version. This will help you to avoid any similarity. You can use your own highlighted keyword for paraphrasing. In this way, you will not miss any important points. 


Compare Both Texts: 

Once you complete work on paraphrasing, try to compare the original text with the paraphrased content. Try to include all the points if you have missed any. You should adjust your content if you find any similarity or you can pay someone to write my paper


Provide Proper References: 

It is your ethical responsibility to mention the source of your information and ideas. You should properly cite the source according to the required format of referencing. 


Useful Tips for Paraphrasing:

The following tips can make it easy for you to paraphrase any text into your own wordings. 

  1. You should try to start your sentences from a point different from the original text.
  2. You should try transition words and phrases and the structure of the original content. 
  3. Use synonyms/similar words to lessen the possibility of plagiarism.
  4. You can also present an idea, over a different number of sentences as compared to the number of sentences in the original text. Like, you can break a single sentence of original information into two sentences. 


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